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My name is Steve Pugh, a Chartered Mechanical Engineer (CEng) and former Managing Director based in Newcastle, UK, experienced in successful company turnarounds and implementation of growth strategies.

What do I do? I listen, understand, then tackle your biggest problems as quickly as possible.

Depending on your needs, we can develop a strategy which brings increased profitability and greater certainty in achieving your business goals; or I can just fix your problems or drive sales. Whatever you need. 


I don't just talk around a problem, I provide hands-on support to help drive forward the future of your business.

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Steve Pugh

Tel: (+44) 07518492982

I help business owners grow their companies.


My business model

There is a global shift in companies looking to reduce overhead and operate a lean structure, calling on outside support to provide the capacity and expertise they need.


Acknowledging this, I offer a range of business support whatever your budget.​ All are based on disruptive business strategy, strong personal ethics and directly tackling the problems you face. 


This includes consultancy, training, and investing in scalable businesses which show ambition.

I aim to support everyone from solopreneurs to multinationals, each at the right price point building an accessible support system with minimal barriers to entry allowing me to support your entire business journey.

Business Growth Consultant

We will strategically think through your current environment and highlight areas of greatest potential for your business. This aims to identify opportunities or risks and, based on this information, you can do what you wish. These conversations are free of charge, all I ask is that I meet with the decision maker in the organisation.

If there is a good mutual fit, working to agreed timescales and budgets I will then deliver a package of work to strategically target that need, helping your organisation achieve its goals.


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