• Steve

Believe in yourself

Next week I was set to be speaking on a stage at Newcastle Startup week, but then COVID-19 happened. 🦠😷🌎

On the request of the organisers I will still be recording my talk and sharing it with the world, however I found it difficult presenting to an empty room, so instead I changed my approach. 🗣

One of the things I found in the first 8 months of business is that I don't need to speak to 400 people. To make an impact I don't even need to speak to 20. When I record my talk, I'm specifically speaking to the 5 people who I know need to hear it. 🙏🏻

I am going to be speaking about making the most of your potential and having someone believe in you.

We all have different gifts and talents and my job is to help you get the most from yours. 🙌🏻 It is only recently I realised that my mission has always been about other people.

I listen, understand, and then use all of the tools in my arsenal to help you make your next step forward. I want you to believe in you like I believe in you!

The Growth Strategy Roadmap™ book provides tools and techniques, but you need to combine this with confidence.

Although my talk will be over in 10 minutes, my hope it is sparks an idea in you to make a change, or simply the confidence to believe in yourself to achieve your potential.