• Steve

Bespoke Sales Training

Today I’m giving some bespoke sales training to a company on Tyneside. Really looking forward to it!

I met with the MD twice in advance, discussed their problems and issues and where they would like to get to, and crafted a bespoke plan which will tackle their needs.

Today we’ll cover all of the best techniques from a range of experts, and apply these to the team and their direct business challenges, building a solid platform for future success I know will repay the investment hundreds of times over. 🙌🏻

Having been the buyer (& MD) in former roles I understand the customer more than most so I’m able to bring an extra layer of value to the training than just a generic trainer. I also run my own sales pipeline so practice these behaviours every single day. I always look to overdeliver too so there are some added surprises!

In addition; I make myself available to the team to ask any questions over the next 3 months; I do a recap session in 4 weeks to sit down with the team so we can constantly improve, coach, mentor and support.

If you choose to hire me I buy into your whole ethos and culture and do my very best to support your future growth. I have seen how training can be done better, so I’m doing it!


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