• Steve

BOOK REVIEW: BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell aims to educate and discuss ‘The Power of Thinking Without Thinking’. As someone who has always been fascinated by human decision making and the things which go on within the human mind, this book seemed to tick all of the boxes.

Through a series of case studies which provide insight into clear cut (and sometimes not so clear cut) cases on when experts in their respective fields have been able to make snap instinctive judgements within seconds which they knew to be correct, but crucially they didn’t know WHY they knew them to be correct.

The book goes on to discuss the benefits of “thin-slicing” and when it is appropriate (and even beneficial) to make quick judgements without all of the information... and when, counter to popular judgement, often having too much information actually makes decision making worse. It also covers unintentional bias and how different organisations have actually used some very simple methods to make huge strides forward in things like gender equality.

As someone who reads a lot, the book did provide some new concepts and content I found interesting, but sadly it fell short of being a “MUST READ”. At 260 pages it was well written and flew by, but it didn’t change my world.


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