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[BOOK REVIEW] "Break Point" by Ollie Ollerton

[BOOK REVIEW] "Break Point" by Ollie Ollerton was a fascinating page turner from one of the Directing Staff (DS) from the hit UK TV show SAS: Who Dares Wins, but also brings with it some great messages I took inspiration and heart from, learning from his experience in the military and special forces.

Ollie goes into his back story of growing up, getting into scrapes with the law and some traumatic events which (in hindsight) helped him find his eventual path of self fulfillment.

We can all find ourselves on a path which we thought we wanted, but the truth can dawn on us when we know it's not what we hoped, but most people are too scared to change. Ollie in unarming honesty describing his journey shows the reader than no matter what you've come from or where you find yourself currently, there is a path forward and people are there to help.

The book had some genuine laugh out-loud moments and incredible banter which made me think of some of my friends who are also ex military.

I have always had huge respect for the Forces, and now more than ever, people are talking openly about their experience. Ollie thank you for writing the book and to anyone who has ever served THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!


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