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[BOOK REVIEW] "Obviously Awesome" by April Dunford

[BOOK REVIEW] "Obviously Awesome" by April Dunford is a book aimed at marketers who want to gain a better understanding on how you can pitch a product or service to maximise its potential. Good positioning dictates the price customers are happy to pay, what features they expect and who they see as your competition. 🤔

An example I've given before: Casio and Rolex are both watchmakers, but position themselves very differently.

If you launch a new watch brand and position yourself in the same conversation of Rolex, people expect the price to be north of £2000. If the same brand does not define their positioning and simply launch letting customers decide which subcategory they see it as, some may see it as expensive vs a £30-£50 Casio. The watch itself might be the same but the positioning decides it's value. ⌚

This book is only really for people really into the topic. On a practical level it drags out what could be 50 pages into 189, with lots of big headings, fonts and empty pages to make you think there is more content than there is.

The overall concepts were thought provoking, but this book isn't for everyone.


£10.99 on Amazon

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