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BOOK REVIEW: "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell

[BOOK REVIEW] "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell follows the trend of his other books on being half general-interest and half history-lesson. The main takeaways:

❥ The main wealth creation in the past 200 years has come in distinct eras - e.g. US industrialisation; the age of the PC; Wall Street; and later Silicon Valley and the internet. When this happened it was the right people at the right time with the right skills, who made the big gains.

❥ Being smart alone and having a high IQ was not enough to be successful. It is a balance of this, luck, and tremendous hard work. 10,000 hours to be exact.

❥ When assessing applicants, companies should require applicants to reach a certain standard, and THEN judge on other factors such as interpersonal skills, creativity etc. Someone with an IQ of 180 may be no better than someone at 120 with broader skills.

❥ It is possible for children from poor backgrounds to achieve the same results as richer families. (The book is filled with items and evidence like this).

Even as someone who generally enjoys this kind of thing, this is not a book I'd overly recommend. At 300+ pages, I did finish it in a single day, but overall I was underwhelmed.


£6.51 on Amazon.

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