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BOOK REVIEW: Relentless by Tim Grover

Relentless is a book about mindset. Many of the examples in the book are taken from Tim’s experience of being a high level athletic and mindset trainer for the NBA, with notable clients being Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant - two of the highest skilled players the game has ever seen.

Both were successful not only for their skill set but also their stop-at-nothing mindset.

The book was broken down into 13 chapters, all numbered #1 as Tim believes they’re all equally important.

What the book does well is link this same killer mentality to people in business, discussing the mindsets of three different types of people, what Tim calls Coolers, Closers and Cleaners; however I don’t believe the book shared any actual techniques on harnessing this.

It was very much based on ‘if you have it you have it’ … and ‘do whatever you need to do to be successful’ and … ‘don’t worry about what other people think, they’re not on the same level as you’.

Overall, in many ways this book was written for me as a huge basketball fan I understand all of the sports references and was fascinated to hear about the players. I also love business related mindset books and with Kobe being an idol of mine, it ticked a lot of boxes. Even then I only gave it a 7/10.

For a non basketball fan, but someone that loves business books it would be a 5/10.

For anyone else I think there are better books out there which share more practical tools you can use.

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