• Steve

[BOOK REVIEW] "Scaling up" by Verne Harnish

[BOOK REVIEW] "Scaling up" by Verne Harnish is a really good book. So good in fact there are consultants who build their entire consulting business around it (via the franchise that sits behind it).

When setting up on my own, credit where it's due, I did my homework and researched all of my competitors systems and the Gazelles system is one of the best. Over the course of 246 pages the book is actually set very similar to the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ with the mix of case studies, theory and practical steps to put things in place. {Great minds Verne!}

Where I think the book falls down slightly is not in its content, but in the fact that it is aimed at an international audience and trying to be all things to all men, it doesn't have some of the granular depth of some others, or in my mind my own system - which I've never published, as much of the examples are large corporate America which don't always translate to real world SME's, but the principles are still sound.

For any owner looking at what to do next, before you hire a "certified trainer" to walk you through the system, buy this for £24.99 and save yourself £££.

I stand by the fact that most business owners want the work doing for them, so I built my business around it, but this is still a great book.