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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Fear Bubble’ by Ant Middleton

‘The Fear Bubble’ by Ant Middleton is the follow on to ‘First Man In’ which I read last year and hit #1 on the UK best seller list.

‘First Man In’ was Ant’s life story up to that point, but his second is based more around motivation and personal mindset growth using the backdrop of his adventure up Everest as the main narrative.

Within the first chapter I wasn’t quite sure on the concept on which the book is named, however as I progressed I quickly overcame my initial scepticism and it turned into a fascinating read.

What follows is a page turning account of his adventure to the summit plus advice akin to high level content from your regular motivational speakers or thought leaders on the topic.

Overall the book is a perfect holiday read and one which I will take genuine value, however it doesn’t have the depth of some other business books. I do believe he’s a top bloke who provides inspiration for a lot of people when they need it most. If you’re a fan of any of his previous work you won’t be disappointed.


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