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[BOOK REVIEW] "What it Takes" by Stephen A. Schwarzman

"What it Takes" by Stephen A. Schwarzman is an autobiography littered with anecdotes and lessons learned from one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs which inspire and provokes, but which forms a fabulous story worth reading.

For some reason it really resonated with me... "Born into a working class family, Steve worked hard and throughout his early career progressed well based on his talent for spotting and solving problems, his love of working with people and building trust based on strong values and always doing the right thing. After spotting an opportunity, in his late 30's Steve launched his own firm with the idea of being disruptive and balancing consultancy and investments to help make other companies better (achieving their goals) but in a way which developed greater value for society."

American Steve went on to become one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs and the book goes through his journey on the trials and tribulations, including the struggles in the early years, but is mixed between story and genuine business tips.

British Steve is just at the very start of his journey, but learns fast... 😁😁😁

Well worth a read if you are interested. 7/10 £7.92 on Amazon

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