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Business development and saying hello

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Sometimes in business you can see the obvious opportunity to work with someone. You recognise their talent and the benefit they would bring to your organisation, but the timing just isn’t quite right. We have all been on both sides of this coin.

This is where good business development comes in. You want prospective customers to know who you are, understand what you do, and then consider you when the time is right. 📈

I’m now 10 months into my journey and I’m delighted to announce I’m kicking off my first piece of work with Harvey & Hugo! 🐶

I have always had a huge amount of respect for Charlotte Nichols and the team. I respect their vision and values and how they go about their business.

As I started my own and things started to grow, I always knew who I was going to call. That’s great business development on behalf of their team. 🙌🏻

Adapting the words of Scarface “Say hello to my furry friends!” 🗯

With Harvey & Hugo we’ll be saying hello to some new people. Raising awareness.

With Charlotte the timing had to be right for when I could best use their services. Hopefully the same is true if you ever consider hiring me.

It may not be now... but I’d love to stay in touch for when the time is right.

Just give me a call 👍🏻

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