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Classroom Sessions are having a name change

With any business we always advise you to listen to your audience, learn and adapt. 🧐 With a mission of "making business education accessible" we had created a system which was getting rave reviews, but after some soul searching, the name was just wrong. 😩😩😩

The term “classroom” puts off a lot of people. They feel they can’t just turn up when they want, or they’ll be bored … or they just hated school and don’t want to be there. 🎓

Switching the name to “Drop-in Sessions” is much more informal.

It implies, fun and interactive, turn up when you want, don’t worry if you have other things on, works around you, kind of vibe. 🙌🏻

The Drop-in Sessions sessions will still walk you through the course and answer your questions, but we hope this small change will make the Roadmap even more accessible to more people. 🙏🏻

Find out more about the real world business course which is now in 23 countries, designed around YOU, at https://www.roadmapmba.com/

Drop-in sessions are 4 times per week. JOIN US! 🏆

TUESDAY - Session One

00:00 Sydney, Australia

22:00 Shanghai, China

19:30 Mumbai, India

18:00 Dubai, UAE

17:00 Moscow, Russia

16:00 Berlin, Germany

15:00 London, UK

15:00 Lagos, Nigeria

11:00 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10:00 New York City, USA

07:00 Los Angeles, USA

TUESDAY - Session Two

05:00 Sydney, Australia (+1 day)

03:00 Shanghai, China (+1 day)

00:30 Mumbai, India (+1 day)

23:00 Dubai, UAE

22:00 Moscow, Russia

21:00 Berlin, Germany

20:00 London, UK

20:00 Lagos, Nigeria

16:00 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

15:00 New York City, USA

12:00 Los Angeles, USA


16:00 Sydney, Australia

14:00 Shanghai, China

11:30 Mumbai, India

10:00 Dubai, UAE

09:00 Moscow, Russia

08:00 Berlin, Germany

07:00 London, UK

07:00 Lagos, Nigeria

03:00 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

02:00 New York City, USA

23:00 Los Angeles, USA (- 1 day)


21:00 Sydney, Australia

19:00 Shanghai, China

16:30 Mumbai, India

15:00 Dubai, UAE

14:00 Moscow, Russia

13:00 Berlin, Germany

12:00 London, UK

12:00 Lagos, Nigeria

08:00 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

07:00 New York City, USA

04:00 Los Angeles, USA

Find out more and Drop-in Session joining details at https://www.roadmapmba.com/

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