• Steve

Company brand touch points

For your company promotion, one of the most important things you can do is identify traits which make you or your product or service unique, and then if these are positive, accentuate these across your brand touch points to reenforce your message.

For me I’m 15 years younger than a lot of my competitors, which clients perceive as having much more energy and drive; plus combined with my personality and outgoing nature (and the things that make me uniquely me)... when creating my brand I use a lot of colour to highlight the unspoken things which make me different.

You’ll probably always see me smiling, but also if you look back at my Live Stream and all of the graphics I create for this channel, they are all colourful and bold which are two positive traits I hope to bring to my business.

**The very fact I even Live Stream is to share my personality and interest in other people, but it is all thought through. 🙌🏻

For your own business think about what makes you unique and what do you want to share with the world? You can communicate this in many different ways, from words to video to colour to photography. In doing so you’re creating more trust and depth to your brand which will massively help you in the long term. Give it a try. It works.

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