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Updated: Oct 25, 2019

IF YOU WERE ASKED TO TELL THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? 😕 I was asked recently to give a motivational talk on my vision for the world; but upon reflecting on the question, the values which I hold dear are actually the result, not the cause of everything in my life.

We have all been through pain and sorrow. Personally I believe that the pain and torment can actually provide the foundation for humility and strength. The single mother who raised two children. The bereaved spouse. The child who was bullied at school. Going through these and coming out of the other side can provide an armour that can protect you through the toughest of times, but also provide the humility to support others when they need it most. Sadly I have experienced all three within my direct family and all were gut wrenching, but by the same token they also armed me with an empathy and understanding which can help others.

Whatever you have been through in life, chances are these experiences have formed who you are today. The world and how you see it will have changed, but this can also be the very thing to help you to change it. Embrace your life stories and use them to push you forward, not drag you down! ✌🏻

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