Course Improvements - February 2021

A personal thank you to everyone for their support in the past three weeks. 🙌🏻 When you spend years on a project behind the scenes, when first sharing it with you guys the rate of learning goes through the roof, but so do the improvements. In the past three weeks we have improved:

✅ The packaging (solving an issue of the boxes being damaged in the post)

✅ The speed of delivery (everything now goes First Class)

✅ The website (various)

✅ The Q&A Live Streams (with lots more updates coming)

✅ New simpler graphics to communicate how to use the course

✅ Corrections to spelling and grammar, including better explanations for course concepts

✅ Lots of behind the scenes logistics improvements

✅ Updating our core message - now focussing even harder on the owners of small businesses and the people that work within them.

✅ Creation of a full video walkthrough (giving complete transparency to the users).

Over the next 6 months you will see another step change improvement again. 🏆

For anyone that joins us, this is a 10 year + journey and you will continue to see this course evolve and improve as the best possible way to help you grow your business or career, making business education accessible for everyone.

Find out more at

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