• Steve

Creating a brand worth $1.4Bn

This is a fascinating and inspiring video of a businessman who started in his bedroom and with passion and gut feel for the direction to take, developed a company who continually reinvested in their community and are now valued at over $1.4Bn. 📈

What I love about this video is also the transparency and honesty of the process. Ben Francis is sharing information which he doesn’t have to, but in doing so he makes you feel part of the process and part of the team. This is something taught by Seth Godin “People like is do stuff like this”. It’s very clever and this approach will be a major part to why they’re so successful.

What I also love is the old footage of Ben on the sewing machine making his clothes from scratch. That’s passion!

Well worth a watch if you want to be inspired 🤯

HUGE CONGRATS TO BEN AND ALL THE TEAM AT GYMSHARK 💪🏻 I look forward to watching your journey. 🏆🏆

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