• Steve

Cutting costs

One of the biggest considerations business owners have at the moment is where to cut costs, and how deep to cut. ✂️

Map out your organisation and the size of overhead you need to survive at reduced turnover. Do you have the work pipeline and/or cash buffer to survive like this for prolonged periods? 🗺

Can you deliver your service with 6 people not 8? Can the team deliver the same level of service?

What intelligence have you picked up on your competitors? Might it actually be a good time to go on attack (not defence)? Pick up good people they have let go? ⚔️


Balance this new org chart with your plans for the future and your future superstars. Like a home haircut, once you’ve cut the damage is done so make sure you don’t ruin your longer term plans for a short term saving.

Consider outsourcing too. You might be able to get the service you need for a fraction of what it’s currently costing you in overhead. ✅

Deciding on the best options to choose is a difficult process.

Collect all of the information you can, write it down, then make an informed balanced decision 🙌🏻

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