• Steve

Details matter

In times like these brands need to do whatever they can to make their customers feel loved and appreciated so that they stay with them in the long term. This is especially true in the luxury goods market. ⌚️🚙🛩

Whilst in the last 3 years I have very much enjoyed my chosen brand of German car, their oversight on basic data entry has caused 3 years of mild annoyance; which as my term ends and I have choice in the market, suddenly that split second typing error may cost the brand my business. 😒 It’s Pugh not Peugh.

What the point proves is that even companies as big as Mercedes-Benz need to make sure their staff, even down to the data entry person, understand and love the customer enough to put in the same effort into their brand as their engineers, marketing, PR and hundred years of heritage do.

Multiply this out over thousands of customers and one careless admin assistant could cost the company £100k.

For your own business it could also be the small details that make the difference.

Sharing the passion for the greater mission to inspire the team, with the diligence to check the details, is important. One spelling mistake mid paragraph isn’t important and probably wouldn’t be noticed, but the clients name, that’s unforgivable.

Details matter.

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