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Download your contacts from LinkedIn for business development

One of the most valuable business development actions you can do is to download your LinkedIn contacts into a spreadsheet and use this as your black book to drive sales.

Link this to the Sales Tracker tool (downloadable from this website here) and you have a very valuable tool. Use code COVID19 to get it for FREE.


  1. Click the ‘Me’ dropdown menu in the upper right-hand side of your LinkedIn navigation bar.

  2. Click ‘Settings & Privacy.’

  3. Click the ‘Privacy’ tab.

  4. Scroll down to ‘How LinkedIn uses your data’

  5. Click ‘Get a copy of your data’

  6. Select the options you want

  7. Click ‘Request archive.’

  8. Enter your password

  9. Wait for E-mail.......

  10. Click the ‘download it with this link’ prompt in your notification email.

  11. Click ‘Download archive.’

  12. Open your .CSV file to access your data.

  13. Open .CSV file in Excel.

Visual Steps

1) Top right of your LinkedIn screen > Me > Settings & Privacy

2) Scroll down to How LinkedIn uses your data > select the options you want > follow the steps

3) You will receive an email. Click the link 'download first part of your data archive with this link.'

4) This takes you back to LinkedIn. Click the link 'Download archive'.

5) Open the ZIP file. This will show you all of the data saved on your account. The image below is for a Mac. Your PC file will look different but contain the same information.

6) Open the Connections.csv file

7) Now you have your contacts downloaded into a manageable format. Save this somewhere safe.

8) Open the file in Excel (or your spreadsheet software of choice).

9) Select all data. Sort alphabetical or however you choose. A good suggestion is to pick 'Decision Maker' or 'Potential Client'. Rank them Yes or No.

10) Import this into the 'Growth Strategy Roadmap Sales Pipeline Tracker':

11) Rank your Decision Makers into VIP (or whatever you choose). Then SORT BY to put these into an order. This is the order you should to approach your potential clients.

12) The 'Growth Strategy Roadmap Sales Pipeline Tracker' will also show you when was the last time you contacted the client.

13) Build this into your sales process to revolutionise LinkedIn as a major tool to work your black book - boosting sales.

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