• Steve

Find your passion

From a conversation yesterday something dawned on me. To be a success in business, or any endeavour, you need to love the craft. ⚒

We all have things we love to do. Run. Learn Spanish. Cook. Insert yours here.

Things we do in our free time with nobody watching and if nobody paid us.

What dawned on me was that mine is creating.

Whenever I have some free time I’m learning. Even in the baby steps that nobody sees, I take pride in the work that goes in to achieve my goals. 🙌🏻

For anyone thinking about starting a business it does take 5x more effort than you think it will, so find something you’re passionate about. If you can combine the thing you’d do for free with a business model which provides value to others you’re onto a winner.

For me I love to solve problems, but I also love all of the steps in between which most other people outsource. I do this because I love the craft and also because it’s a puzzle you can never fully solve, a book with no end, an lifelong adventure to explore. 🗺

Last week I interviewed Christopher Nutman who turned being made redundant into a positive life redirection to follow his passion and make his life better. This worked because he put his passion at the core of his endeavour.

Find your passion.

Follow it.

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