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Finding the answers

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

You might find that now more than ever it is harder to get the answers you need. What is going to happen next? Will my business survive? Will I be able to retire when I expect? 🔍🔍🔍

In current times the environment is changing faster than we can keep up. To react, focus on the pure fundamentals for your business:

• Where does the bulk of our profit come from and can we shore this up - even if it means sacrificing some of our new, riskier or non-core business projects?

• How has the world changed for our customers and how can we get as close to them as possible to continually provide everything they need?

• How can we minimise spend to protect core day to day operations? Can we develop a decent cash buffer?

Whilst we don't what will happen tomorrow, we can focus on the main pillars of your business and make them as absolutely solid as possible, enough to weather any storm. ⛈

For an 8 page Guidance Document to help survive CoronaVirus, you can download this here: https://www.growthstrategyroadmap.com/product-page/corona-virus-growth-strategy-guidance-note

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