• Steve

Get a jump on all of your competitors who may be stuck in old ways of working

Since the lockdown and many people working from home, you might have noticed the number of social media posts has gone through the roof. 🤔

In a time when there is so much noise it is harder than ever to break through; however when combined with a time of stress for business owners who are going through tough times, innocent comments about “wearing pyjamas for meetings” may soon wear thin and you could risk alienating the one group you need most.

Think outside the box and go back to traditional forms of connection. A simple phone call to ask how people are. Think QUALITY not QUANTITY and really listen to the market. Understand what your customers are going through. ASK!

I too am looking at the market and taking this approach. I will be doing fewer posts, but making the ones I do higher quality. I will be going super personal and reaching out individuals rather than speaking generally on posts which don’t seem appropriate anymore.

The Growth Strategy Roadmap™ channels will continue to share knowledge to help with your business or career, as this is what people tell me they want. 🙌🏻

Ask yourself if you should evolve and get a jump on all of your competitors who may be stuck in old ways of working. Be the first mover to set yourself up for the future!!

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