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Interview: Elena Rodríguez Falcón

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing one of the major influences in my life. 🙌🏻 Professor Elena Rodríguez Falcón opened my eyes to entrepreneurship and at the same time showed how you can combine this with problem solving to have a positive impact in the local community. 💬📈♥️

Within the overall interview we discuss:

• Teaching entrepreneurship to engineers 👨🏻‍🎓

• Growing up in Mexico and finding her inspiration 🇲🇽

• Coming to England and joining The University of Sheffield

• The importance of personal development and empowering others 📚

• Tackling gender and race inequality ✊🏽

• The New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering

• Why does she love teaching? ♥️

• What can we do to lift other people up? 🙌🏻

• The best advice she's ever had! 💬

The aim of the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ interview series is to share the stories of real people who have real businesses. We unpick some of the business strategies behind the brands, discuss market trends and also share knowledge, ideas and the best advice they've ever had in their careers.

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