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Interview: Paul Blake, Newcastle Eagles

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Fantastic interview yesterday with Paul Blake, owner of the Newcastle Eagles. 💬🏆🏀 Within the interview we cover a whole range of topics including the lessons learned from running a professional sports team, the leadership required to win, and more recently expanding their business model to take on a venue and the new challenges that brings.

Time stamps:

1:25 - Introduction to Paul

2:05 - The day Kobe Bryant died

4:10 - Getting started in his career

6:05 - Meeting his sporting legends

7:15 - Starting his entrepreneurial journey after a period of challenge

9:47 - Founding the Eagles as it is today

11:15 - Turning around a failed business

16:28 - Managing a professional basketball team

22:57 - Generating a culture of winning

27:00 - The incredible story of Fabulous Flournoy

30:32 - Building the Eagles Community Arena

36:10 - The Eagles Community Foundation

38:38 - Building links with local businesses

44:49 - The best advice you've ever had?

48:40 - What's next and recovering from COVID-19

Many thanks again to Paul for his time.

The aim of the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ interview series is to share the stories of real people who have real businesses. We unpick some of the business strategies behind the brands, discuss market trends and also share knowledge, ideas and the best advice they've ever had in their careers.

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