• Steve

Interview with Steve Pugh, part of the I'm Possible Conversation

1. I was born and raised in Liverpool, raised by my mother, along with my older brother. My mum worked multiple jobs and worked really hard, but she always gave us belief and that we could achieve something. She worked hard enough to help fund us to go to university and make a better life for ourselves.

2. I was not uncommon that my Mum would have to work on Christmas Day, so my brother and I, we would wake up but purposely wouldn't open our presents until my Mum got back from work and that could be midday. I think that always sat inside me. I worked hard, I always have, which I got that from my Mum.

3. My parents were involved with Scouts so I actually got to join beavers when I was five. All of the adventure, camping and leadership training you do from a young age is what helps teach you how to motivate a team bring people on together. I always loved the leadership positions, but for me it is always about looking after the group as a whole.

4. I'm a qualified basketball coach. It's interesting when you know what it's like to be the best player on a team, but also the worst player, because you get treated very differently. And I think when you're then in charge of that, you can make sure that nobody ever feels left out. I think that is a good mentality to bring into life and business. When you're managing director of a business, you still must look after your team and make sure everyone's okay.

5. I remember when I first went to university I was surrounded by a group of people that were different to who I was. When the others would go to the pub or offer to eat out, I would always think how am I going to pay for this and when that is always at the back of your mind if can really shape you.

6. My whole mission is making business education accessible. I want everybody who has the talent or the desire to start a business, but can't afford traditional business education, to have access to help them. Making business education accessible also means taking complicated concepts and making them simple. People don't always learn by reading, some people like to listen or watch videos, so that is part of the reason why I do four classroom sessions a week for all different time zones around the world.

7. When I was doing my undergrad degree, I had a lady called Professor Elena Rodríguez Falcón, who was one of my lecturers. She taught us a business and marketing and using engineering skills to help make real impact in people's lives. There was a child called Kieran who had quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He and his mother came in and the students had the challenge to use engineering to help improve his certain aspects he struggled with. This module changed my life.

8. A lot of business coaches will talk and say “this is how you scale your business”, but they don't do it themselves, and they don't because it's very difficult to do. With the Roadmap I offer complete transparency. You see me four + times a week, evolving and growing my business... but also sharing when I struggle. It's the proof in the pudding, putting my own neck on the line to prove what I'm doing and you will see me do it. If I fail, you'll see me fail.

9. I did a course by Google and it was called #IamRemarkable. It was all about how to empower and celebrate women and different communities and diversity within the workplace, to give people confidence. With the Roadmap I want to help people. I think because I was raised by my Mum I have a passion to really help female entrepreneurs and people normally who are discriminated by the system gain equal opportunity and maximise their chance to achieve their dreams.

10. I now know what makes me happy. I know what I enjoy and what brings me contentment. I always work on personal development, I read a new book every two weeks and I put a lot of time and effort into that, but part of that is because it actually helps me develop my skill set and helps me become better.

11. When I started my first business in 2008 I decided to gamble all my savings and all my student scholarship money to buy the camera equipment, lights, computers, to launch the business. And if I didn't make the money back in three months, I couldn't pay my bills. So that was the probably the craziest thing I've ever done. But it forced me to learn quick and learn how things work.