• Steve

Investment into “Ojami” technology platform

When I launched my business I said from the start that my business model would revolve around three main revenue streams: consultancy, investing in scalable business which show significant potential and training and education.

Today I’m delighted to announce becoming an investor and joining the advisory board of De-Miropass Technologies Limited. 🙌🏻🏆

“Ojami” is a store aggregator technology platform which connects buyers and sellers in emerging economies to provide an online shopping experience and fast delivery when the Amazon model doesn’t work. 🛒

Many nations do not have the infrastructure required for the hub and spoke model popular in the US, UK and Europe, so players such as Amazon and struggle to make traction or delivery times are upwards of 5 days.

Ojami, under the stewardship of ADEJORO OLUWASHOLA, is developing a scalable system which can deliver in as little as 2 hours!

The platform will be launched in Nigeria but could scale worldwide connecting sellers and logistics in a way that has not been done before. With the impact of COVID, home delivery has never been more important.

This will be an extremely exciting journey and I will be bringing experience to the team to help us achieve our ambitious goals. 📈

Watch this space!

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