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It can be lonely at the top

It can be lonely at the top. You’re running your business, things are going well, or maybe they’re not but sometimes the weight on your shoulders can build up and it’s good to blow off steam. 😤

For clients I work with I often act as a sounding board to owners and directors who want an independent viewpoint when there is nobody else they can really speak to.

In return I listen, but then offer practical advice about how we fix the problem quickly.

Hands-on. Practical. Confidential. Impartial. 🔐

Growing a business is tough. Sometimes is takes a trusted friend to offer the tough solution.

If you want a coach to listen and give you some warm words, send you a bill but not much more, that’s not me. ❌

By the time we’ve finished our coffee I want you to know exactly what the next step is and have confidence on how we’ll solve it together. 📈

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