• Steve

Kicking off company growth strategy

Today I’m in Stockton kicking off the company growth strategy for a brilliant company who have bold ambitions.

As most people are winding down, we’re getting ready to speed up and over the next few years I’ll be working side by side with the team within the business to deliver real change. 📈📈📈

Not only are we looking to dramatically increase revenue, profit and create a better life for everyone in the business, but also make real change in our local community.

Better companies employ more people, create more opportunity, create career progression, create legacies for the owners and create wealth which benefits everyone from schools to the NHS and hundreds of businesses in the supply chain. 💪🏻

I’m really excited about this one as I think we’re going to create something really special!

If you want a private conversation about growing your business and me working with your team please get in touch. #business #growth #strategy