LinkedIn Live Q&A with Steve Pugh on How to grow your business with the Roadmap MBA, Paul Lancaster

Within the conversation we discuss running and growing a business, personal and professional development and everything he loves and hates about the course! 😳❌

The Roadmap MBA is a CPD certified training course which provides the real world skills to grow a business, aimed at organisations of less than 250 people. 🏆👍🏻

SMEs account for 99% of the business population and the challenges smaller businesses face are different. They require a no-nonsense approach to deliver value quickly.

The Roadmap MBA was created to give a real world grounding across a range topics including sales, strategy, marketing and management with a particular focus on your personal and professional brand.

For established businesses this course will help you drive your business forward. It will improve your team’s real world grounding in leadership, management, marketing and sales.

For entrepreneurs this will help you improve your strategy, increase sales and gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

For career professionals this course will give you confidence to make the next step in your career.

Find out more about the Roadmap MBA here​​​​ 📈​

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