• Steve

Look after your customers, work hard and turn up on time.

For a business I’m helping to grow we’re now recruiting and looking to build up the team. Upon reviewing the CV’s, one thing stood out to me that I wanted to share.

If you have ever spent time working in restaurants, supermarkets or done manual tasks from mopping floors to stacking shelves, please include this in your experience, especially if you’re starting out.

People often gloss over certain parts of their job thinking they might not give the best impression when looking to move up the ladder.

The truth is the person assessing your CV probably spent time doing exactly the same at the start of their career, will know you’re a grafter, willing to put in the work and is probably more likely to hire you against an equally qualified candidate!

** all other things being equal **


If you have any friends, colleagues, sons or daughters looking for work, this tip might help them actually get their next move, even if it seems counter intuitive.

Yes it’s not going to be true in every case, but the ability to work hard is one of the most important things you will ever need in any business.

Embrace it. Be proud of it.

My first 3 jobs were in supermarkets and it taught me a lot. Look after your customers, work hard and turn up on time.