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My Live Streaming Setup - Behind the scenes

When video is an important part of your business you want the end product to be of the highest quality. It is this attention to detail that I took when approaching Live Streaming and this is my new home office set up, any questions just ask.

4 screen setup

  • 2016 Macbook Pro 2.6 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 - for my live streaming software

  • 28" Samsung 4K monitor - for my notes, YouTube feed & questions

  • iPhone 10 (above the camera) as a third monitor via the app Duel, to view my guests without having to look away from the camera

  • iPad Mini to answer questions and check the stream (whilst presenting - not shown)


  • Canon EOS RP Full Frame mirrorless camera with eye tracking

  • Canon 24-105 f4 EF Lens

  • K&F Concept 62" Compact Light Aluminium Tripod

  • Canon continuous power LP17 battery adapter

  • USB-USBC input into the laptop


  • OBS - https://obsproject.com/

  • Video output 1080p, 4000kbps, 192kbps audio .MOV output

  • Zoom (to host the conversation)

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (to create the graphics)

  • Final Cut Pro X for editing


  • InnoGear Microphone Stand Set with Shock Mount

  • Behringer XM8500 Microphone

  • Behringer UMC22 Audio Interface

  • Designacable 3m XLR cable

  • BOSE Companion® 50 multimedia speaker system,

  • M6 Generation 2, In-Ear, Sports, Noise-Isolating, Earphones - Clear (link)

  • When recording I actually use some pillows behind the camera as sound dampening to reduce echo and it works well

  • I also have to use some noise reduction within OBS to counteract the noise of my laptop fan (as the laptop has to work pretty hard to handle everything)


  • Natural light from the window (key light)

  • 4 x Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-color 660 LED Video Lights (one not shown) to provide fill and hair lighting.

  • Setup: I have two either side of my face to provide subject lighting, but also not cause reflections in my glasses. One as shown providing lighting from the rear (over my right shoulder) and one above my head to provide the hair light - giving good three dimensional lighting and shape to my head, plus textures on the hair.

  • Photography stands (already owned)

  • 2x ANDYCINE Vlogger Boling P1 as the background colour lights - interchangable for any colour


  • Virgin Media Fibre FTTP (100 Mb download 10Mb upload), which supplies my laptop over WIFI. You need a good upload speed to stream, ideally above 5Mbps.

Result: For the result you can see my latest video below.

This is the improvement vs my first video as I got use to the equipment and learned what I as doing. Time gap is about 6 weeks.

Future improvements:

  • In time, I will include a much more powerful laptop which will run quieter with less fan noise. This will allow me to reduce the noise reduction on my audio and make it should more natural.

  • Faster internet and a faster laptop would allow me to up the output bitrate in OBS, however this is the law of diminishing returns.

Main thing to focus on:

  • Sound! Good or bad audio is everything. Wear a headset if you can to prevent feedback or audio problems.

  • Fix the audio before you jump onto the image quality. Most people don't notice the difference between 6/10 visuals and 9/10.... but everyone will notice audio crackles.

  • The content. The actual conversation and quality of the content is the most important aspect, so tackle this before anything.

  • Be consistent. Try and get into the habit of posting at regular times.

  • Repurpose your content on multiple locations, and clip it up to create 5-6 different shorter videos for YouTube.

I hope that this was useful and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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