• Steve


Updated: Apr 20, 2020

I mentioned recently the need to innovate and keep your business moving, especially in light of recent changes and the new world we're entering. 🤔

I spent the Bank Holiday working hard to re-invent the entire look and feel of the Growth Strategy Roadmap™ brand for the new post COVID19 world, including new fonts and colour scheme based around simplicity, colour and being bold. Over the coming weeks you will see a whole range of new posts, graphics and visuals which I hope will share more of my business journey with you, linking clever visuals with key business concepts, but also adding some extra colour and life into our lives when we need it most. I had a great time creating them and I hope you enjoy them.

It really is important to keep innovating with things like brand to keep your company fresh. Brand and public image is more important than ever before. Soon there will be much less spending power around so we need to work extra hard to capture it. If you ever want some advice or guidance please get in touch. Keep innovating. Stay safe.

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