• Steve

One year ago I decided to make the jump

It is one year ago this week that I decided to make the jump and follow my dream.

It is always daunting to do your own thing and in the first few months you need to expect that you're not going to bill huge numbers, if anything at all.


If you follow the path of self employment my best advice is:

Constantly adapt.

Listen to where people need support.

Standard work hours don't exist.

Stick to things you're really good at.

If someone needs your help, say yes.

Some people will help you.

More want you to fail.

Stay humble.

Re-invest when you can.

Build for the future.

Keep learning.


Nobody knew that a pandemic was going to hit or that the business environment was going to be tough, but I still wouldn't change a thing.


Use your talents.

Develop new ones.