• Steve

PESTLE analysis

In business strategy you have a technique called PESTLE analysis which is a posh way of saying “looking at everything around you and making a judgement call on what to do next”. PESTLE stands for Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. Solving this puzzle is something that happens from watching a number of information sources from around the world and using experience and rational logic chains to work out what that change will affect, when, and what this means for business. For companies I work with I don’t bore people with the data or too much of the background, but I will advise on what in my opinion is coming and how you should react. For followers of this channel I wanted to share some of the sources and thinking around the topic so you can start to do the same in deciding what to do next for your business. This video is just one of many which you can pick up tiny little clues within what people say which predict the next 3-12 months for various industries and sectors. #strategy #PESTLE #politics #economics #technology #law #government