• Steve

Product positioning

One of the most critical things to get right in business regardless of sector, service or product is your product positioning. This is how the world sees your offer and the mental box they put it in.

Good product positioning dictates the price customers are happy to pay, what features they expect and who they see as your competitors.

Casio and Rolex are both watchmakers, but position themselves very differently. If you launch a new watch brand and position yourself in the same conversation of Rolex, people expect the price to be north of £2000. If the same brand does not define their positioning through their marketing and simply launches a new watch letting customers decide which subcategory they see it as, some may see it as a hideously expensive flop vs a £30 Casio, or it could be judged as a quality alternative to a handcrafted limited edition timepiece. They watch itself might be the same but the positioning decides it's value.

For any business, from tech startups looking to fund raise to product designers looking to launch a new product, speak to me about how we position your product to drive revenues (or company valuation) whilst also helping your products find their place in the market and fly off the shelves.

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