• Steve

Quality Management Systems

Offshore energy and engineering companies have incredibly tight document control and quality management systems. They do this for complete traceability on every email / document / drawing and client correspondence are all saved in the right place in the right format, with everyone obeying the same rules.

Although not applicable for all businesses, it is amazing to see and incredibly useful for being able to go back through every proposal and see everything for that job or quotation in perfect format.

For a company turnaround or growth strategy this is the equivalent of having all of the pieces in the right place at the right time, allowing you to get ready to build.

Finding out the true lay of the land is always the first step for growth, so no matter if you're investing in a new startup or looking to improve your existing systems as you push on; a little bit of effort up front will work wonders down the line, producing a more secure, more organised business, which makes more money.

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