• Steve

Should she feel like a failure?

I had a female business connection contact me recently saying that since she started freelance, to help make ends meet she had started working part-time, but as such felt like a failure and was this normal?

My immediate response was that nobody should ever question how they choose to make their income. In going freelance she is doing something she loves and especially in the period of getting started, having additional income will actually enable her to follow her dream, not block it! ♥️

It was a realisation I came to quick that nobody else, other than your spouse or family, cares if you can pay your bills or not. We all put huge pressure on ourselves based on the expectation of others, when in fact the people who hate you are going to hate you anyway. If you choose to spend X number of hours on one project and balance this with something else, do it!

The message also sparked something in me because it is more common for women to worry more than men about expectations of others; when actually your empathy is a superpower most men don’t have.

If the secret gets out that you’re just as smart as the men, with greater emotional intelligence AND you have people championing your corner, don’t tell anyone but you might just change the world! 🦸🏼‍♀️

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