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Straighten up your sales.

I can help you straighten up your sales. ⬆️⬆️⬆️

You want to get your sales engine turning over with the correct format and behaviours quickly... then accelerate and do more. 📈

The mistakes a lot of companies make is that they just try and do more of the same, which still reaps rewards but probably only half of what you’d get with a full assessment and realignment of your sales process.

Review your sales target then work backwards to work out your Lead Actions (the actions required to make this happen, factoring in success rate for sales approaches and meetings, through to bids and eventual wins). Agree a structure and reporting format and then the MD / Sales Director should manage their team against the implementation of the plan (ie how many phone calls or sales approaches they make) and not solely the figure at the end of the month.

If this does not reap rewards, it is probably that the plan itself is wrong (or the way you’re approaching your customers and having meetings) as opposed to having bad employees.

Sorting this out is where I can help. ✅

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