• Steve

Supporting offshore wind

Can I let you into a little secret? 🤫

Supporting the UK's position as the world leader in offshore wind, the Offshore Wind Growth Partnership recently launched something called the WEST programme to support companies growth into the sector. 📈

Working with an excellent team including Maf Smith, Isla Robb, Mike Newman, Rich Furniss, Lesley Black and Calum McCallum, I have been appointed as one of the expert consultants in this piece of work and we are already working hard supporting companies in the first wave of projects. 🌊

Great news and recognition for everyone involved, and for me personally a great end to the first year since launching Growth Strategy Roadmap™. Expect a podcast about it soon discussing everything about the initiative! 🗣

Full press release: https://owgp.org.uk/thirty-two-uk-companies-to-receive-business-transformation-support-through-the-offshore-wind-growth-partnership/?utm_content=148430848&utm_medium=social&utm_source=linkedin&hss_channel=lcp-3318975

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