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Talking about my business model for the first time

This is my talk from this morning's NEPIC Cluster Connect in front of about 100 people. It was my first time speaking publicly on the business model for Growth Strategy Roadmap™ and how I help people grow their companies and achieve their business goals.

I also mention for the first time some of the scalable items I'm working on including investing in companies who have scalable ambition, and my desire to create the world's best value training course which will cover everything you need to know to grow and scale a company, in a way that has never been done before which is accessible to everyone.


0:14 - My background and how I got started

0:55 - How I describe my business

1:18 - Where do I fit in the market?

2:09 - My business model

3:10 - Clients have a lot more faith in what you're doing if you're willing to put your own neck on the line

3:45 - If you hire me, you get me!

3:55 - Who am I for?

4:15 - If you're looking at increasing your valuation or an exit, let's have a chat

5:27 - Close

"Never trust anyone who says they will scale your business when they're not scaling their own!"

Find out more at https://www.growthstrategyroadmap.com/

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