• Steve

The 17 things most business courses get wrong ...

#1 Many traditional business courses don’t acknowledge the difference between multinational corporations, small or medium sized businesses or freelancers and aim solely at Enterprise size companies or tech based startups.

#2 Many business courses assume that what you are currently doing is the right thing to do. They tell you how to sell yourself more or promote yourself more without asking if what you are selling (or how your business operates) is the correct thing to do.

#3 Many traditional courses only cover one topic. i.e. just a sales course, or just a marketing course, when in practise you need both.

#4 Many courses don’t acknowledge the that in smaller businesses people are often asked to perform multiple roles, and as such have lots of challenges and areas they need help with.

#5 Many courses provide no ongoing support or ability to ask questions after the single session or group of sessions has finished.

#6 Some alternative courses focus solely on mindset and do not teach real world skills. Whilst important, mindset alone will not help you grow your business, you also need the tools.

#7 Many traditional MBA courses exclude people based on academic background, personal background, time, geography or wealth - through charging expenses prices, creating exclusivity.

#8 Many courses or books use complicated language which can be off-putting to certain audiences. Intentionally or not they make the learner feel stupid.

#9 Many courses demand that you follow their structure and work to their time scales, not the other way around and having a course which is flexible around you.

#10 A lot of books or courses say something in 200 pages which they could say in 5. This artificially hurts people who are time poor.

#11 A lot of books and courses teach the theory but not how to apply it. In the real world you need to make an impact, so within the sessions you can ask personal questions about applying the concepts yourself.

#12 A of courses are taught by people who are teachers, not practitioners operating in the real world.

#13 Many causes are taught by trainers who have bought into someone else's franchise. Learn from the original author of the content.

#14 A of courses use content which has not changed for 10-20 years. The real world changes every day. You need content and support which changes too.

#15 Some courses only give the user one way to learn... e.g. just reading, or just video. On the Roadmap we use reading, listening (via podcasts), watching (via video and Live Stream) and practical sessions which are hands on.

#16 Most courses don’t teach how all of the tools and techniques you need can be used together. Sales is important. So is marketing. But the use of the two together, is so much more powerful. With the Roadmap we link in all 14 modules together and show how they can use used together to achieve much greater success.

#17 Many courses pretend to offer shortcuts or special secrets to make your business a success. The truth is there are no shortcuts, just good honest hard work and intelligent thinking.