• Steve

The best ways to promote your business

A lot of people forget about the sheer number of different ways to promote your business. 📈

Research shows that promoting across multiple platforms (providing multiple touch points with the customer) will provide much larger impact than simply going hard on one or two.

Most marketers describe this as A x B > 2A or 2B

The symbols > means “is greater than”

In practise this means that doing some print advertising x some Facebook will have a much greater impact that double print or double Facebook. 🤯

In reality though, to me, it is more important to make clear that success actually looks like:

A x B x C x D x E x F x TIME x CONSISTENCY

You want to balance lots of forms of promotion, including the old school ones. Picking up the phone and sending out things in the post are a brilliant way to take your online presence and make it real to the customer on the other end.

It is only when you tick every box in the clients mind will you get the purchase.

Don’t limit your tools to help your business get to that point. 🙌🏻

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