• Steve

VIDEO: Honest review of my first month

Honest review of my first month and tips for anyone wanting to go out on their own. The 8 minute video goes into some detail, so please keep scrolling if this isn't one for you.


53 sec - Why did I set up on my own?

1:32 - The drawbacks of not having a regular pay cheque

2:11 - Don’t be afraid to keep evolving

3:24 - Getting your first customers

4:07 - Get your sales process right. The 3% rule!

4:41 - Still add value to the 97%

5:23 - Company structure and VAT

5:35 - Website, brand and business cards

6:12 - Invoicing

6:48 - Everyone is going through the same struggle, you’re not alone!

8:10 - Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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