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What is your biggest fear?

If I was to ask you what is your biggest fear, what would you say? For me as I was growing up, it was about not fulfilling my potential. I was never the strongest or the smartest, I was never top of my class, but the one thing my Mum will always say is that I will try harder than anyone else... 💬

This was the opening to the talk I was going to give at Newcastle Startup Week last week. It's very different writing a speech for a room with hundreds of people to be performed on stage, to then being at home alone (as the conference moved online) but as I say in the talk I did my best. 🙌🏻

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Newcastle Startup Week will still be going ahead in all its glory when we're all allowed out to play again. Find out more about being inspired and growing and scaling your business, plus book tickets here: https://newcastlestartupweek2020.eventbrite.co.uk/?aff=stevepugh

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