• Steve

When was the last time you considered your specific niche?

After launching Growth Strategy Roadmap™ I spend a lot of time looking at my competitors and understanding where there are gaps in the market and why I'm best to solve them. This what I came up with...

Where do I fit in the market? I am the guy you speak to if you want to grow or turnaround your business quickly.

What is my specific niche? Companies who want to make a change and actually want the work doing for them.

Who am I for?

1) People who want to grow their business.

2) People who want an extra pair of hands, but don't have the requirement or resource for someone full time.

3) People who are not 100% confident in their business plan and want greater clarity.

4) People who are thinking about an exit and want to make as much money as possible. ​

Why should you hire me?

1) You have a particular business need you want solving.

2) You want an option which is flexible around you.

3) You want a low cost solution - with support starting at a single day.

4) You want my specialist knowledge: that either that I'm really good at something, or I have access to customers, contacts or suppliers you want.

5) You want someone you trust.

If that sounds like you, find out more at www.GrowthStrategyRoadmap.com or call me on (+44) 07518492982