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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Alternative MBAs are a category of business education created by private sector companies who believe they can provide a better service than traditional university courses.

    Roadmap MBA is an alternative MBA business course which provides the real world skills to help you grow a business or progress your career. This is a private sector business course and not associated or accredited by any university or third party or imply any level of learning equivalent to an OfQal qualification.

  • Nearly half the world lives on less than $6 a day. We believe in supporting millions of people who otherwise do not have access to traditional forms of business education.

  • We love education in all forms. We love universities. We love business schools. We love people being able to access information to build a better life for themselves. We hate people being excluded or unable to access this support.

  • If you want an accredited degree course that is not what the Roadmap alternative MBA offers. If you need the accredited degree there are lots of excellent options out there. The skills you will learn from the Roadmap MBA will still help you whichever course you do and also throughout your career once you graduate.