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11 October 2023

Author: Steve Pugh

Posters with the title "We're looking for partners"

At Roadmap MBA we’re looking for partners. We have some really ambitious goals but we also know we can’t do it all on our own. 🙂

Ideally we’d love to speak to commercial entities with proven track record of success, where through the integration of business education into their core offerings could unlock significant opportunities for their existing user base. 📈

Where 1 x 1 = 5. 🏆

We also want to speak to mission based organisations who are making real change in the world. 🙏🏻 Let’s chat! 💬

If you want to have a confidential noncommittal conversation or just explore an idea please get in touch :


Posters with the title "We're looking for partners"


🌟 Calling all visionary game-changers! 🌟

Are you ready to revolutionise global business education? We are Roadmap MBA, an Edtech startup on a mission to provide accessible, low-cost business education worldwide.

We’re seeking a partner with:

✅ Global vision and ambition
✅ Existing infrastructure & 100k+ user base (matching our target market of ambitious learners)
✅ Willingness to roll up sleeves and together drive growth

Desirable attributes include:
🚀 Obvious commercial or mission based synergy
🚀 Financial backing for the project
🚀 Proven success in a similar area

If you’re ready to make history and shape the future of education, let’s chat! Together, we’ll redefine the landscape of business learning. 💡📚

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