Cost of living increases


20 March 2022

Author: Steve Pugh

Graphic with the words "cost of living" and an image showing a £50 note and 6 coins

Across the world, not just the U.K., there are hundreds of millions of people being squeezed by the cost of living increase – affecting people from all backgrounds, caused by cost increases on everything from your fuel to food. 🚙🍽🏚

Things such as cost of living affect the lower and middle income families first.

With the Roadmap MBA our mission is making business education accessible, and to achieve this mission we don’t want ANY barriers for anyone worldwide who wants to build a better life for themselves. 🙌🏻

It’s due to this we’re working hard to build both the worlds most practical, easy to access and useful form of business education – focussed on real skills you can implement today (not just theory) – but also MAKE IT FREE when our app launches later in the year. 💵

Launching any startup is difficult, but we believe in our mission and supporting regular people around the world. 👩‍👧

We’re fighting for people with passion not privilege!! 💪🏾

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