Ethical Business Education


27 July 2023

Author: Steve Pugh

Ethical Business Education

Being part of a startup accelerator forces you to question everything about your business. 🔍 One thing I had been struggling with was the H1 headline for the website …

What is our core message? Back to first principles what do we do? Then it just clicked … “Ethical business education”. 🥹

We exist for the greater good of society and to empower social mobility. 🙏🏻

We support communities who can’t access business education anywhere else and those who can’t afford to spend thousands on executive learning or development. We exist for people with passion not privilege! 🌍👩🏽‍🎓

Roadmap MBA is far from perfect. We are only at the start of our journey but it’s a pleasure to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and see what impact we can have in the world. 📈

Many thanks to Patrycja MaksymowiczDouglas LinesMauro Romaldini, ACMA CGMA and all of the DOHE Global team for their challenge and support. 🙌🏻

Together we can change the world, one H1 heading at a time. 🥲

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Ethical Business Education